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Confront unjust dictatorship power 'The Attorney'

This film is part of the history of Korean democracy. As it is well known, Former President Roh Moo-hyun is the person who became the motif of this film's main character, Song Woo-suk. When this film was released, the president of Korea was Park Geun-hye, daughter of the dictator. She disliked this film and was known to have made a disadvantage to the company that invested in this film. However, many people missed the dead Roh Moo-hyun and this movie succeeded in box office. It was no coincidence that people showed explosive reactions to this film. After his death, the daughter of dictator became president and democracy in Korea declined. As people watched this movie, they reminisced about Roh Moo-hyun and realized what they had lost. I think that the driving force of the candlelight revolution that shook Korea last winter came from here. The energy of the candlelight revolution was already growing in people's minds. Now I introduce this movie in Korea where his best fri
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The real image of violence and barbarism in everyday life 'IT'

There was a mass assault by a middle school student in Busan recently. It was a very horrible and mean thing. It was almost impossible to believe that teenage girls who had just entered puberty did it. Where did their violence come from? Is it human innate cruelty? Or is this society making them? Either way, the fact that such violence has penetrated deep into our daily lives makes us feel frightened. The violence that the little girls committed was very close to us. And the way they treated the weak was so brutal and cruel. This incident has played a role in awakening the danger of daily violence. But people will soon forget it. America's small town, the stage of the movie 'It', is a place where such everyday violence is prevalent. The film begins one day when the rain is heavy and the boy Billy is sending out his brother George. Billy was pitiless. In the living room on the first floor, their detached mother is playing the piano. George is left unprotected to his m

Lonely Hunter Hunt the Beast 'Wind River'

A barefoot girl runs out of snow. Her lungs, which have been breathed in cold air at a temperature of minus 20 degrees, are ruptured, and the blood that is raised in her heart blocks the airway and the girl dies. At the time of her death, she was not a person. She was just a prey. Wind River is Indian Reservation in the state of Wyoming. Here, a girl, a descendant of the Indians, was chased after being hunted and died. Animal hunting is for survival. So what is human hunting for? Is it for survival? Such a time has already passed. Moreover, the game was a person. If so, this would be the footsteps of ugly greed. Wildlife hunter Corey finds her and remembers 'the incident' three years ago. It is a terrible trauma to him. He confronts the memories of the past that he dislikes even seeing the death of the Indian daughter Natalie. His daughter also died as a prey in the cold. Corey, a professional hunter, knows what it is like to be a prey. Moreover, his ex-wife is also an

Meaning of meeting and communication 'Arrival'

Is meeting a blessing? Is it a curse? It can be seen at the end of the relationship that is made up of meetings. There is no guarantee that meeting will be a blessing. Meeting can be both tragedy and happy ending. This is not the domain of human. What we can do is constantly trying to make the relationship happy while communicating and communicating. If we do not do this, we will have nothing to blame for being irresponsible for meeting. Above all, to ourselves... This will drive us into a pit of endless self-condemnation. Lewis Banks is a linguist. She had a beloved daughter. She loved her daughter so much, but her daughter was hard to accept her divorce. Why her father had to leave? She wanted to know it, but Lewis could not explain it to her daughter. Suddenly, one day her daughter is dead. This incident is a deep scar on her. Even though she is a linguist, her self-condemnation that her daughter has not convinced is deep inside her. Since then, she has lectured in school and

The black comedy of life 'Memoir of a Murderer'

Have you ever felt like someone playing with you? You have lived so hard that you did not make a big mistake, but you have not felt like you were tangled up and doing something that seemed to interfere with your work. It may be that a spiteful life is playing with you. There is a time when life comes to play a mischievous mischief. It digs your weak link. And, at a really important moment, it strikes a second. You can confront somebody who should never meet in a moment of life. Now that I'm trying to make some money, your legs may break. Sometimes you try to talk to a girl of your ideal type, but there may be an urgent signal in your belly. Is it called force majeure in this case? Things are twisted to twist. Life often shows such a perverted appearance. It is often like a bloody disgusting person who turns somebody into a difficult situation and turns back to an unpleasant laugh. Why is it so? Do not ask why. Because no one knows why. In the film 'Memoir of a Mur

The story of geniuses challenging prejudice 'Hidden Figures'

People become stupid enough to be unimaginable if they become prejudiced. There is no way to save those who are in the frame of false perception. Until they realize themselves, they have another form of barbarism. They discriminate against unfair reasons, violate human rights, and do not respect others. It would be fine if the atmosphere of society does not support such barbarism, but what if there were a large number of people with such prejudices? The film 'Hidden Figures' is based on the American society of the times when there were many racial prejudices. So there are various barbaric social images. There are restrooms for colored and even coffee pots are divided between white and black. Even if they do the same, black people do not get the treatment of a white man, and promotion can not dream. This discrimination continues on buses, on the streets, and in public institutions. In this age, the three main characters, Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughn and Mary Jackson,

Fascinating adventurer, challenge life of faith 'Miss Sloane'

Ambitious men have a weakness. It is easy to fall into the trap that they can use illegal means and methods for their purposes. They often fall into this trap.This often leads to self-denial and destruction, but in many cases, they can not overcome this temptation. Madeleine Elizabeth Sloane(Jessica Chastain), the main character of this movie is that class. She is a top lobbyist with 100% odds of winning. She can't stand losing. Did she just use legitimate means in games? Of course, the answer is 'No'. She is also a follower of Machiavellism, who can get rid of means' legitimacy at any time if she can achieve her purpose. Can she make choices based on conviction instead of profit? And Can she pay for it? This is the interesting question that this film throws in the beginning. She is asked by big politician, Sanford, to campaign against the Gun Control Act. He absolutely needs the support of women to prevent gun control. So he came to her, a competent and promi